Your Service Counts

Volunteer Programs for Followers of Christ

J.A.I.L. Ministry, Inc. offers a variety of volunteer programs in Belton, TX. God has blessed our ministry with volunteers who have provided service to inmates, ex-prisoners, victims, and their families in the Bell County Jail for many years.

Ministry Delivery Team

The Ministry Delivery Team

Our volunteers are involved in numerous leadership roles in the area’s councils. The Ministry Delivery Team model, for example, engages with the local churches and empowers our members to coordinate services at the local level.


Review our Juvenile Services Center application. You can also submit an application to volunteer at the Bell County Law Enforcement Center.


Please print the application(s) and fill out completely. Bell County requires that we have the “Original Completed Application.” A Criminal History Background Check will be performed on all volunteers that wish to go into the Bell County Jails or Juvenile Facility. Note that the last two pages require a Notarized Signature before the application(s) are considered complete.

You may take the application(s) to the Central Jail Human Resources at 111 W. Central Avenue in Belton. A free Notary is available at this location. Once approved you will be notified.